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Major Flood in Kenton Church

11/20/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Major Flood in Kenton Church SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties team working in Kenton church to remediate a major flood.

“We had a major water leak in the women’s restroom. Right here in the calf valve. We got here about 8:15 a.m. and we were wading water”. Mr Ronny Merryman, Deacon at Laneview Baptist Church, in Kenton, TN, tells us the tale of an unfortunate Sunday morning when some members of the church including him got there for a meeting that never happened.

“Of course, we had to get rid of the meeting we had”, he says with a smile. Instead, everybody got “hands on deck and started pushing water with squeegees, vacuums, and mops; everything to get the water out”.

Mr. Merryman didn’t know how long the water had been running, but he realized it was 5 to 8 inches deep in the entrance and it was flowing everywhere. “The carpets absorbed 4 to 5 feet into the walkway. It actually went in to our sanctuary for about 10 to 12 feet”, continue Mr. Merryman.

Some church members got terrified when they realized that the water went even under their sound booth where there were many electrical wires. Luckily, no damage was detected in that area.

“So, Monday, we opened the church up to SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties with their several thousand dollars worth of equipment and they started dehumidifying, vacuuming and getting rid of all the water”. Mr. Merryman was not stingy with compliments towards our team. “I had already had experience with SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties from a few years ago in 1998. I knew they did a fantastic job for us”.

Once the water extraction process concluded, our team put our specialized fans and dehumidifiers all around the church to get rid of the moisture from the structures and prevent mold. “They were using moisture meters to check walls impacted by the moisture, by the water. They really did a superb job”.

And then Mr. Merryman added a phrase that is real music to our ears: “I would recommend SERVPRO of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties to anyone, anytime”. Thank you very much Mr. Ronny Merryman for those kind words.          

Does Your Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties Home Have A Mold Problem?

10/20/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Does Your Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties Home Have A Mold Problem? In Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties, mold can spread through a home in as little as 48 hours.

Microscopic mold spores naturally occur almost everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. This makes it impossible to remove all mold from a home or business. Therefore, mold remediation reduces the mold spore count back to its natural or baseline level.

What is the best way to get rid of black mold?

We recently talked to Jeramy Link, a SERVPRO mold professional, from our warehouse in Newbern, Tennessee. Why to call SERVPRO when we can find information in Internet explaining how to remove mold on our own? He told us that by calling us, as a homeowner or a business owner, you would avoid cross contamination. You would also prevent getting in touch with mold spores that would “cause bigger issues than you would normally have”.

Jeramy told us that one of the first steps when our team perceives mold is to determine what is the source. “If there is a water damage, we try to find what caused the water damage”. And for that, we use our state-of-the-art equipment! “We use moisture meters, half masks to protect our employees, different virucidal disinfectants, of course gloves, and we also set up a containment”.

The cost of these procedures we implement in your mold affected home or business may vary depending on the source, sais Jeramy. “If you got a roof leak, of course that would cost more than a small mold caused by a leak underneath the sink”. And he continues: “You have to take care of the source first. This is always the important part, because we can come in and clean and we can get rid of the mold, but it doesn’t help if we don’t get rid of the source”.

Jeramy has worked for SERVPRO® of Dyersburg/Union City, SERVPRO® of Weakley, Gibson, Carroll Counties and SERVPRO® of Jackson/Crockett County for more than 12 years. He tells us the story of one of the worse mold situations he has ever encounter so far. “It was probably unattended for several months. We open the door, go in to identify a water leak, because the owners meter was constantly running. The mold was present from the ceiling to the floor!” When our team saw that situation, they actually had to suit up to be able to physically get inside the structure.

We congratulate Jeramy Link, who recently obtained his certification as an Applied Microbial Restoration Technician (AMRT), offered by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Watch the full interview in our Facebook Page. 

Mold facts:

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet.
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water. These colonies may produce allergens and irritants.
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return.
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can lead you to possible mold problem areas.
  • Even higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent.

If your home or business has a mold problem, we can inspect and assess your property and use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation.

If You See Signs of Mold, Call Us Today – (731) 784-4938

Red Cross and Fire Prevention

10/11/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Red Cross and Fire Prevention David Brumley (center), other members of the American Red Cross and some authorities inspect a comfort kit for disaster victims in Paris, TN.

SERVPRO began a National partnership with the American Red Cross in March of 2013. We committed to support a Disaster Responder with an emphasis on the Home Fire Preparedness Campaign. And this week is Fire Prevention week! Our franchise recently reached out to the American Red Cross of Mid-West Tennessee in order to offer our support.

Fire Prevention Week

A survey conducted by the American Red Cross shows only 26 percent of families have developed and practiced a home fire escape plan. That’s why, the American Red Cross of Mid-West Tennessee has partnered with different Fire Departments in the cities and the 14 counties they cover to install smoke alarms at people’s homes at no charge. This year alone, they have installed close to a 1000 units.

They also have what they call a Pillow Case Project. Red Cross volunteers go to schools and present to 3rd and 4th grade students a program on safety that covers fire safety. Dave Brumley, a volunteer for the organization, explains some of the topics they cover with the kids: “How to get out of a room on fire underneath the smoke; how to touch the door with the back of your hand to make sure that is safe to open that door; how to prepare a fire escape plan for their home and have two ways of getting out of their home”. He concludes: “The hope is, working with the children, that they will go home with their excitement and get the parents involved, so the whole family can be prepared for an event”.

How to build your emergency preparedness kit.

How to create your Home Fire Escape Plan.

How to become a volunteer for the American Red Cross of Mid-West Tennessee.

How to prepare a fire escape plan

10/4/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Prevention Week runs from October 8th to 14th. It’s an excellent time to prepare your plan in case of a fire emergency. The theme this year is “Every Second Counts: Plan 2 Ways Out!”. Fire experts agree; people have as little as two minutes to escape a burning home before it’s too late to get out.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests the following steps for your family to be ready.


  • Draw a map of your home with all members of your household. This grid will help you. Mark two exits from each room and a path to the outside from each exit.
  • Practice your home fire drill twice a year. Conduct one at night and one during the day with everyone in your home, and practice using different ways out.
  • Teach children how to escape on their own in case you can’t help them.
  • Make sure the number of your home is clearly marked and easy for the fire department to find.
  • Close doors behind you as you leave – this may slow the spread of smoke, heat, and fire.
  • Once you get outside, stay outside. Never go back inside a burning building.

Some Fire facts

  • On average, seven people die in U.S. home fires per day.
  • Cooking equipment is the leading cause of home fire injuries, followed by heating equipment.
  • Three out of five home fire deaths in 2010-2014 were caused by fires in homes with no smoke alarms or no working smoke alarms.
  • According to an NFPA survey, only one-third of Americans have both developed and practiced a home fire escape plan.

Other statistics

Hoarding and fire safety

Many fire departments are experiencing serious fires, injuries, and deaths as the result of compulsive hoarding behavior.

Dryers and washing machines

Clothes dryers accounted for 92% of the fires; washing machines 4%, and washer and dryer combinations accounted for 5%.

In 2010-2014, U.S. municipal fire departments responded to an estimated 15,970 home fires involving clothes dryers or washing machines each year. These fires resulted in annual losses estimated at 13 civilian deaths, 440 civilian injuries, and $238 million in direct property damage.


Free Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) app for business and churches

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

General Free Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) app for business and churches Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) app

It’s National Emergency Preparedness Month! In the context of hurricane Harvey, Irma or Maria, plus two destructive earthquakes in Mexico, we need to have a plan.

And although natural disasters are very scary. Experts estimate that only 5% of the disasters affecting businesses are caused by nature.

Man-made disasters have the ability to cause as much damage and be as scary. A pipe burst or a fire could happen to anyone anytime.

“Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.”

40% of businesses never recover after a disaster. The majority of business that do survive already had a preparedness plan.

Let me introduce you to our Emergency Ready Profile (ERP) app. You can find it in the app store:

This app is really convenient for businesses or churches because it would help them get ready for any sized disaster. And Its free of charge!

Our ERP is designed to be a “snapshot” of each building owned or managed by a business. It provides critical information needed for emergency preparation.

The key to mitigation is knowing in advance :

• What to do

• Who to call

• What to expect

The app has information and pictures. Jessica, our Marketing Manager, would go to your business and find this information to you. You just have to download the app for free and gain access to it. You could also received this information printed or by email.

If you are a business owner call Jessica, if not talk to your employer or your church and make sure they have an emergency plan. If they need help, we can help them for free.

Let’s explain our app:

• Overview -  Location / Parking

• Building Access

• Utility contacts & Shut off

• Emergency & Key Contacts

With this plan, you minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action.

For us is important that you are “Ready for whatever happens”.

Jessica Harrison
731 589-0973

SERVPRO® team departs for Florida to participate in Hurricane Irma recovery efforts

9/14/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage SERVPRO® team departs for Florida to participate in Hurricane Irma recovery efforts Taylor Callens, Eunice Mack, Stan Nunley, Darrell Lowery and John David from left to right.

SERVPRO® of Dyersburg/Union City, SERVPRO® of Weakley/Gibson/Carroll Counties and SERVPRO® of Jackson/Crockett County announced, it has partnered with SERVPRO® Storm Team Wilson from Birmingham, Alabama, and SERVPRO® Corporate to help in Hurricane Irma recovery efforts.

“Since we started hearing about Irma being created in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea, we began our preparations; asking among our team members who would volunteer to assist in Florida after the hurricane.” said David Caldwell, owner of SERVPRO® of the three franchises.

“In 2012, we went to help people in New Jersey affected by hurricane Sandy. We know the devastation that it causes to homes, businesses and communities. We knew that a powerful hurricane was coming, actually the most intense Atlantic hurricane to strike the United States since Katrina in 2005. We wanted to be there and help.”

The morning of September 12th, five members of the three SERVPRO® franchises left the Newbern and Jackson offices to join the recovery efforts for about 15 days. John David Caldwell, Taylor Callens, Eunice Mack, Stan Nunley, and Darrell Lowery plan to do restoration extractions flood water, drying structures and treating for mold depending on needs.

They know the conditions will not be optimal. Most probably they will not have electricity or running water, but they are committed to do their job to the best of their abilities in order to give back to Floridians their homes almost as “Like it never even happened".

Every Day Is Game Day

9/1/2017 (Permalink)

Community Every Day Is Game Day Send, Like and Tag to enter our drawing. Every Day Is Game Day!

Show us your Game Day pics

How to get free tickets for a SEC game this season? SERVPRO has the solution! During these first two weeks of September 2017, we want to see football lovers’ team spirit. Send us your best football pictures, like us on Facebook, tag a friend and you will automatically enter our SERVPRO® random drawing.

What you could win

  • A free pair of SEC football tickets to South Carolina vs. Tennessee on Saturday, October 14th, in Knoxville, Tennessee.

What to do

Your pictures will be published on a SERVPRO® Facebook album called “Every Day Is Game Day”.

Those three actions (SEND/LIKE/TAG) will give you the chance to enter to our SERVPRO drawing until Wednesday September 27th at midnight. The lucky winners will be announced on a Facebook live stream on Thursday September 14th at 10:00 a.m.

The Southeastern Conference (SEC) opens the 2017 football season on the weekend of September 2nd with 14 games, including Tennessee playing Georgia Tech on “Labor Day”, Monday, September 4th.

According to ESPN, "Baseball is still called the national pastime, but football is by far the more popular sport in American society", since 1985.

Happy Football Season Y’all!

Source: The Official Website of the Southeastern Conference.

Congratulations to our four new Water Damage Restoration Technicians

9/1/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Congratulations to our four new Water Damage Restoration Technicians Mike Jeter and Taylor Callens

Who to call when water problems arise, such as floods, broken pipes or malfunctioning appliances? SERVPRO has the most professional team in the market!

From Monday August 14th to Wednesday August 16th, 2017, Dustin Murdock, Mike Jeter, and Taylor Callens headed to Gallatin, Tennessee, to follow the Water Damage Restoration Technician course offered by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This SERVPRO certification is necessary for the inspection, cleaning, and restoration industries.

These classes are designed to provide restoration personnel a better understanding of the mitigation work they perform. It gives them a better concept of how to best mitigate a water damage, it’s effects and techniques for drying of structures.

The three-day course gives residential and commercial mitigation technicians the science behind the drying to understand the procedures necessary to deal with water losses, sewer backflows, and identify mold.

This type of training allows our team to operate effectively moisture detectors and water extractors. Manual dexterity and good teamwork skills are also necessary to safely and to effectively accomplish their tasks.

We are very proud of our mitigation team members. Congratulations!

National Preparedness Month

8/30/2017 (Permalink)

General National Preparedness Month Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.

Plan. Plan. Plan. “Disasters Don’t Plan Ahead. You Can.” That is what National Preparedness Month (NPM) wants you to have in mind during this September 2017, particularly when we still have fresh in our minds the terrifying images of the aftermath of hurricane Harvey in Texas.

How to respond during an emergency? What to do when disaster strikes? We should all take action to prepare! Let’s get ready to help first responders where we live, work, and visit. Engage in preparedness actions at home, work, business, school, and place of worship.

Make a Plan for Yourself, Family and Friends

Other steps you can take could be flood-proof important documents by putting them in plastic bags to protect against water damage and keep some cash on hand in case of emergencies.

Making digital copies of important documents and save them on the cloud or a secure cell phone app could become handy in case disaster strikes. Flood insurance policies have a 30-day waiting period before they go into effect. Plan now for floods

Natural gas leaks can cause fires following disasters. Knowing how to shut off utilities like gas, water, & electricity is key after a disaster.

Plan to Help Your Neighbor and Community

Almost half of Americans expect to rely on their neighbors after a disaster. Learn skills you need to help yourself and others until help can arrive. That was the case of Carolyn Salazar, a retired Texan nurse who spent the time hurricane Harvey was striking Texas this August checking in with other neighbors.

Keep your congregation safe. Make sure your house of worship has a plan for all types of emergencies.

Ready Business

Forty percent of businesses never recover after a disaster. Watch this video and plan head.

Develop a preparedness program for your business to plan for & reduce the impact of disasters:




What to do when your important documents got water-damaged

8/28/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage What to do when your important documents got water-damaged Vacuum Freeze Drying Chamber, located in Jackson

Is it possible to dry water-damage documents? Yes, it is! What is SERVPRO method? Vacuum Freeze drying!

“The document Restoration Team uses the same technique that the library of Congress uses to dry-water damaged books”.

What is Vacuum Freeze drying? It is the most efficient and effective way to salvage your water-damage documents. The vacuum freeze-drying process can be used to recover and restore paper files, books, and photographs, as well as blue prints, microfiche, x-rays, business archives, etc. Typically, these items are one-of-a-kind or irreplaceable (historical, collectable, legal, medical).

The Document Restoration Team uses a process called “sublimation” to avoid causing more damage to your documents after a flood, for example. Sublimation converts solid into gas. So, here is what happens. As soon as we get your wet or moist documents, we freeze them in a cold storage space. Damaged documents should be frozen as quickly as possible to stabilize them, and prevent further damage.  The water in your documents becomes ice, a solid element. Next, using Vacuum Freeze Drying Chamber, located in Jackson, we extract the ice by sublimation. That is to say that the ice in your papers becomes gas or water vapor in order to be vacuumed.

This extraordinary technology used by SERVPRO is the only method approved by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and the General Services Administration (GSA).

Why is Vacuum Freeze drying the best method? Well, other methods like dehumidification can alter the structure of the paper’s fibers causing them to become more brittle.

Once your items arrive at a SERVPRO facility, 24/7 video surveillance is guaranteed. Standard drying time is 7-10 days, but it could vary based on moisture content and backlog.

The Document Restoration Team offers cleaning, trimming from fire damage, refile jacketing, deodorization, gamma irradiation, and basic drying.